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Programme of the BEF China conference in Beijing, May 2011.

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    (1_Bruelheide_Welcome.pdf) Bruelheide, Helge: Sino-German conference on the results of the 1st stage of the Biodiversity Ecosystem Functioning Experiment (BEF-China). History of the experiment, members, projects. (2_Ma KP 1104.pdf) Ma, Keping; Guo, Dali: Research Progress for Belowground Biomass & NPP. --- Coarse root, fine root, root biomass, root architecture, root growth. Harvesting trees, allometric equations. (3_Niklaus_SP1_CSPs.pdf) Schmid, Bernhard; Hector, Andy; Härdtle, Werner; Scherer-Lorenzen, Michael; Ma, Keping; Baruffol, Martin; Niklaus, Pascal: Aboveground Primary Productivity. --- Measures on individual trees in the CSPs in 2008 and 2010, are they growing? LAI in the CSPs. Outlook for combining this data with other data. (4_Bruelheide_functional_diversity.pdf) Böhnke, Martin; Kröber, Wenzel; Welk, Erik; Wirth, Christian; Bruelheide, Helge: Constant functional diversity during secondary succession of a subtropical forest in China. --- Functional traits of trees, leaf traits, wood traits, trait-environment relationship, functional diversity, trait dissimilarity, functional eveness, successional age, random assignment of traits. Message: trees are functionally similar in different successional stages, although there is a clear change in species composition. (5_Shouren Zhang_Sino-german_Workshop.pdf) Zhang, Shouren; Yan, Hui; Dong, Xinliang; Bruelheide, Helge: Leaf eco-physiological traits and coarse root spatial distribution characteristic in CSPs (2010). --- Species specific differences in leaf chlorophyll content, plot specific differences in branch water potential. Radar signals for detecting coarse roots at different soil depths, coarse roots at highest densities in old plots and in 20-40cm depth. (6_Michalski_flowering_ardisia.pdf) Durka, Walter; Fischer, Markus; Michalski, Stefan: The role of genetic diversity and phenotypic plasticity in the context of the species diversity – ecosystem functioning relationship. --- Biotic interactions, mating behavior, pollination. Spatial genetic structure higher with increasing distance, lower population density and higher diversity. 7_Xiaoyong_Chen_Halotype_diversity_acorn_weevils.pdf 8_Niklaus_SP5_CSP.pdf 9_Yinlei_Ma_RS in Xingangshan.pdf 10_Wirth_BEF_China_Peking_2011.pdf 11_Scholten_BEF_Report_SE_Phase1_1.pdf 12_Kühn_beijing 2011 SP6 soil data CSPs.pdf 13_Wubet_Beijing_2011.pdf 14_Cheng_Gao_GTS report2011-5.pdf 15_Yu_Liang_bef-china-sp13.pdf 16_Assmann_05_03_final.pdf 17_Xiao-Dong_Yu_ground-dwelling-beetles.pdf 18_Schuldt_status_SP8.pdf 19_BingYang_Ding_BEF-China_conference.pdf 20_Kühn_Beijing 2011 climate data CSPs site A.pdf 21_Xuefei Yang_2011 May_new.pdf 22_Yuanjie_Xu.pdf 23_Xuefei_Li_Beijing_04May2011.pdf 24_Werner_Haerdtle_China_05-2011.pdf 25_Durka_Beijing_meeting_May_2011_SP4.pdf 26_Yann_Salmon_BEF 05-2011.pdf 27_Both_SP11_Beijing2011.pdf 28_Geissler_pilot_beijing_2011.pdf 29_Zhengwen_Wang.pdf 30_Von_Oheimb_May_2011.pdf 31_Nadrowski_Data_portal.pdf