Keywords of CSPs: Leaf traits and chemicals from individual trees in the CSPs

Dataset Keywords

leaf trait, CSP, individual based values, functional trait

Datacolumn Keywords

Column keywords
Samplecode sample identity
sample collector No keywords
Species species, taxon
Year_Collected year, explanatory
CSP CSP, location
CSP_Tag location, tree identifier
4_Digit_ID-CSPs tree identifier
leaf age leaf, explanatory, leaf age
Lifeform functional group, explanatory
evergreen leaf, explanatory
fresh weight leaf trait, explanatory, fresh weight
dry weight leaf trait, explanatory, dry weight
LA explanatory, leaf size
SLA SLA, explanatory
LDMC LDMC, explanatory
N nitrogen, explanatory
C carbon, explanatory
CN explanatory
K explanatory, kalium
Mg explanatory, magnesium
Ca calcium, explanatory
Al explanatory, aluminium
Ca2 calcium, explanatory
Fe explanatory, iron
K2 explanatory, kalium
Mg2 explanatory, magnesium
Mn explanatory, manganese
Na explanatory, natrium
P explanatory, phosphorus
S explanatory, sulfur
Zn explanatory, zinc
Co explanatory, cobalt
Cu explanatory, copper
Pb explanatory, lead
Sr explanatory, strontium
Cr explanatory, chrome
Ni explanatory, nickel
Cd214 explanatory, cadmium
Cd228 explanatory, cadmium
stomata density explanatory, stomata
average length explanatory, stomata
average width explanatory, stomata
Phenolics polyphenols
Tannin explanatory, polyphenols

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