Keywords of CSPs: Leaf traits and chemicals of 122 tree species in the CSPs

Dataset Keywords

leaf trait, chemical leaf composition

Datacolumn Keywords

Column keywords
ID No keywords
Species name plant species
Author species author
Family family
no No keywords
LM leaf trait, leaf margin, functional trait
LP leaf trait, leaf pinnation
LH leaf trait, leaf habit
FW leaf trait, fresh weight
DW leaf trait, dry weight
LA explanatory, leaf size
SLA SLA, explanatory
LDMC LDMC, explanatory
C carbon, explanatory
N nitrogen, explanatory
CN explanatory, C/N ratio
K explanatory, kalium
Ca calcium, explanatory
Mg explanatory, magnesium
P explanatory, phosphorus
Al explanatory, aluminium
Ni explanatory, nickel
Pb explanatory, lead
Na explanatory, natrium
Mn explanatory, manganese
Zn explanatory, zinc
Fe explanatory, iron
S explanatory, sulfur
StoD explanatory, stomata, leaf anatomy
StoL explanatory, stomata, leaf anatomy
StoW explanatory, stomata, leaf anatomy

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