Main Experiment: R script to calculate the local neighbourhood of a target tree

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Dataset Abstract

Here you find a script for R which allows to calculate the local neighbourhood for each individual tree in the Main Experiment.
However, target trres may only be from the 1X1Y (XXYY position within plots) rows in each plot in the main experiment. This is because 0X0Y individuals have less than 8 neighbours.

The .zip File compiles 2 Rscripts and 1 workspace data:
- The workspace data comprises the species identities which are connected to the tTAGS in the main experiment as well as the topography of each planting position. The current information on species in the respective planting position is based on a compilation of all Datasets with information on "topography" given by Gunnar Seidler (i.e. datasets 140,156,251,252,253,254 on the dataportal; date of issue in the woekspace: March 2015). The datasets concerning the species connected to tTAGS (i.e. planting position) will undergo regular updating by Gunnar Seidler according to the regular censuses which are carried out in the BEF-China framework. There is a script for updating the necessary tTAG/topography information available (see below)

- "Calculate Neighbour_tags_n_specs" allows you to determine the local neighbourhood of a target tree according to a) neighbourhood tTAGS, b) names of the respecive neighbours and c) number of individuals of a certain species (from all42 tree specs planted in the main experiment) in the local neighbourhood of a target tree

- "updating_tags_n_topo": this script allows you to download the current files with the tTAGS and topography information from the dataportal. Moreover, the script will bring the data into the right shape so that it can directly be used in the script given in "Calculate Neighbour_tags_n_specs".

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