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(1) Bruelheide: Stepping stones and motivation of the BEF China experiment.
(2)Ma, Dali Guo: Below ground biomass, trees harvested near the main experiment, species list of harvested trees, pictures of harvesting and processing, allocation graphs dbh and root biomass, fine root annual NPP, root architecture
(3) Niklaus et al.: Diversity productivity relationship, Measurements in the CSPs, above ground growth, week diversity relationship if any for the CSPs, LAI measures.
(4) Bruelheide et al: Trait environment relationships, leaf traits, wood traits, functional diversity, functional diversity and eveness, trait dissimilarity along successional stages, decreasing specific leaf area and leaf nutrient contents with successional time, Trait dissimilarity increases with succession.
(5) Shouren et al: Eco-physiological traits of 5 species at three successional stage forests in CSPs, Coarse root spatial distribution characteristic using radar technique in CSPs, No difference in soil moisture at three age-based forests in July-August, 2010, There is no effect of forest age on leaf CHL across the species, Leaf CHL of
Eurya muricata is higher than that of other 4 species, Branch water potential of 5 species at young forest is much higher than that at both intermediate- and old-forests, Coarse root spatial distribution, Reflected radar signals can detect tree roots, Coarse roots mainly (65%) distribute at depth of 20-40 cm, and those over 40 cm only account for 5%,
(6) Michalski et al: The distribution and structure of genetic diversity is the result of genetic exchange among individuals which in turn depends on species-specific traits, environmental factors and historical processes. Ardisia crenata - Within-population genetic structure, Increased genetic diversity in CSPs of higher elevations, isolation by elevation, Molecular genetic variation and phenology
(7) Chen et al: Hypothesis: Positive relationship between genetic diversity of phytophagous insect and richness/abundance of host plant(s), haplotype diversity increases with successional stage
(8) Hector et al: What is the relationship between successional stage and standing plant N pool sizes and soil N pool sizes? 2. What is the effect of successional stage on litter N pool dynamics, decomposition and mineralization, directly affecting nitrogen cycling and soil nitrogen availability? Litter decomposition, seasonal changes, N does not accumulate in the soil but in the litter layer along the successional gradient

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