CSPs in Gutianshan: GPS routes

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Dataset Abstract

This Zip folder contains the routes leading to the CSPs in Gutianshan. The tracks are called according to the CSP they lead to. CSPs which are adjacent to each other are summarized in one file. The file called "csp" contains the coordinates of the respective CSP.

Dataset Design

I have taken the data with a Garmin eTrex, with WGS 84 as reference system. Since the GPS could not store a sufficient number of tracks, I have saved the "tracks" as ROUTES, meaning that a number of waypoints guides the way to the destination. The data can easily be transferred to any GPS using either a software which you have for your device or with a free software. I use "easy GPS". Start point for the routes is usually not the hotel, except for the CSPs which are very close to the hotel. Other start points are close to a major road or pathway (either the road where Mr Yu sets you off with the car, or the road that passes the hotel) and marked with the syllable "ei" in the csp data file. Please note that especially the coordinates and the tracks to plots close to the hotel are subject to errors, since the hotel is situated between hilltops where the GPS signal might sometimes not be very well.

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Gutianshan National Nature Reserve



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