Keywords of Pilot experiment: sapling biomass of 4 tree species in 2009-2010

Dataset Keywords

growth, allometries, aboveground biomass, belowground biomass, saplings, Pilot experiment

Datacolumn Keywords

Column keywords
Block block, Pilot experiment, location
Div biodiversity
Plot_old Pilot experiment, location
plot_id Pilot experiment, location
Species species, sapling
Season season, harvest
Year season, harvest
Season_x_Year season, harvest
BM_L leaf, biomass allocation, biomass
BM_LO leaf, biomass
BM_S twig, stem, biomass allocation, biomass
BM_R biomass allocation, belowground biomass, root
BM_total biomass, sapling, tree
Dia basal diameter, tree, size
Height height, tree, size
Root_depth rooting depth, root

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