Keywords of CSPs: Coarse woody debris (CWD). Collection of data on dead wood with special regard to the 2008 ice storm

Dataset Keywords

coarse woody debris, dead wood, ice storm, CSP

Datacolumn Keywords

Column keywords
rownr No keywords
date date
Date date
start date
end date
plotignore location
CSP CSP, location
working condition weather
protoc.first No keywords
protoc.sur No keywords
meas.first No keywords
meas.sur No keywords
entered.first No keywords
entered.sur No keywords No keywords
page No keywords
Central_subplot CSP, location
CWD-Id No keywords
CWD_CSP_original No keywords
Idaddon woody debris, object
CWD_CSP woody debris, object
Species species
specunpolished No keywords
TagAFCW object
TagMBa object
TagAFCW original object
TagMBa original object
DBH response variable, dbh
dbh.comment No keywords
dbhpostmean response variable, dbh
dbhpostsd co-variable
stemsGrEq10 location
stemsCnSm10 location
height snag height, response variable
BD basal diameter, response variable
lookup tag object No keywords
dtop size, response variable No keywords
length size, response variable No keywords
height_length size, response variable No keywords
broken at size, response variable
broken diam size, response variable
neigh.label location
reference is self object
neigh.dist location
neigh.azimut location
direction CWD No keywords No keywords
pos.af_original No keywords
plot estimate allometries woody debris, co-variable
alive mortality, co-variable
sc soil, co-variable
mc mortality, co-variable
dc decomposition, co-variable
ter termites, co-variable
rot red mould, co-variable
fungi fungi, co-variable
valid size, response variable
crown_origin location
remark No keywords
vol_factor size, response variable
Allometrie allometries
comment Karin No keywords
meandbh response variable, dbh
meanGr10 location
meanSm10Cn location
ice_storm_representative object, stem

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