Keywords of CSPs: Comparative study plot (CSP) information to be shared with all BEF-China scientists

Dataset Keywords

CSP, topography, species diversity, vegetation cover, tree height, tree layer, shrub layer

Datacolumn Keywords

Column keywords
date date
CSP CSP, location
Elevation elevation, co-variable
slope_mean slope inclination
slope_sd slope inclination
aspect_mean slope aspect
aspect_sd aspect
aspect_northness slope aspect; northness
aspect_eastness slope aspect; eastness
Coordinates_N latitude, location
Coordinates_E longitude, location
Coordinates_ValueComment No keywords
successional_stage successional age, explanatory
tree_age_max5 successional age, explanatory
T1_height height, tree layer, co-variable
T1_cover tree layer, cover, co-variable
T2_height height, tree layer, co-variable
T2_cover tree layer, cover, co-variable
SL_height height, shrub layer, co-variable
SL_cover shrub layer, cover, co-variable
HL_height herb layer
HL_cover herb layer, cover, co-variable
Open_soil soil, cover, co-variable
fallen_wood woody debris, cover, co-variable
N_individuals abundance, density, explanatory
N_adult_species tree layer, explanatory
N_herb_species herb layer, biodiversity, explanatory
rarefy_100 biodiversity, rarefied diversity, explanatory
Fdleaf functional biodiversity, explanatory
FD_Qall_traits functional biodiversity, explanatory
t_cover cover, co-variable, trees
sum_cover cover, co-variable, trees, shrub

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