General: Installing the rbefdata package

Usage Rights

This data is Free for public.

These files are open to download for the interested public. Use citation(rbefdata) to acknowledge the authors.

Dataset Abstract

Importing datasets directly from your R workspace. Our package is now on CRAN and can be downloaded via install.packages() or via your preferred R GUI. The code can be found on

Data Analysis

This is the code of the attached script file, but the script file contains more explanation, especially how to fill my_key from your profile page: --- install.packages("rbefdata") --- require("rbefdata") --- my_key = "" ---bef.options(url = "") --- csp4all = bef.getdata(205, my_key)

Freeformat files (1)

  • test_befdata_import.R (804 Bytes)
    Script that installs rbefdata and downloads the CSP overview for all file.