Keywords of CSPs: Plant traits aggregated from wood, leaf, and root traits of trees in the CSPs: synthesis dataset

Dataset Keywords

plant functional trait, root, wood traits, leaf trait, CSP

Datacolumn Keywords

Column keywords
species species
vessel_size wood vessels
vessel_var wood vessels
perf wood perforation plates
pit wood vessels
helic wood vessels
no_depo wood vessels
factor_tylosys wood vessels
fibre wood fibres
apo wood parenchym
para wood parenchym
band wood parenchym
ray_w wood rays
cryst_r wood rays
cryst wood cells
ray_p wood rays
vessel_l wood vessels
tough_l leaf toughness, explanatory
Lifeform functional group, explanatory
evergreen leaf, explanatory
LA leaf size, explanatory
SLA SLA, explanatory
N_l explanatory, nitrogen
C_l explanatory, carbon
CN_l explanatory
K kalium, explanatory
Mg magnesium, explanatory
Ca calcium, explanatory
Al aluminium, explanatory
Ca2 calcium, explanatory
Fe iron, explanatory
K2 kalium, explanatory
Mg2 magnesium, explanatory
Mn manganese, explanatory
Na natrium, explanatory
P phosphorus, explanatory
S sulfur, explanatory
Zn zinc, explanatory
Co cobalt, explanatory
Cu copper, explanatory
Pb lead, explanatory
Sr strontium, explanatory
Cr chrome, explanatory
Ni nickel, explanatory
Cd214 cadmium, explanatory
Cd228 cadmium, explanatory
stom_dens explanatory, stomata
average.length explanatory, stomata
average.width explanatory, stomata
phenol polyphenols, explanatory
tannin polyphenols, explanatory
stomata explanatory, stomata
C_r carbon, root
N_r nitrogen
CN_r C/N ratio
dens stem, wood density
ring ring width, tree rings, plant functional trait, variable
lw_fraction_9 tree rings, late wood, plant functional trait, variable
si_radial_av_14 wood shrinkage, plant functional trait, variable
si_tang_av_16 coefficient of variation, wood shrinkage
shrink wood shrinkage, plant functional trait, variable
comp wood compression, plant functional trait, variable
bend wood bending, plant functional trait, variable
elast wood bending, plant functional trait, variable
shear_r wood shearing, plant functional trait, variable
shear_t wood shearing, plant functional trait, variable
tens wood stretching, plant functional trait, variable
tough_w plant functional trait, variable, wood toughness
k_wood decomposition, response variable
k_leaf decomposition, response variable

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