Keywords of Main Experiment: Wood stubs of Site A and B: quantity, density, position and decomposition class

Dataset Keywords

decomposition, Main Experiment, coarse woody debris

Datacolumn Keywords

Column keywords
Nr No keywords
DC decomposition
scbase basal diameter
sctop diameter
Species Scientific plant species name
Position_X No keywords
Position_Y No keywords
h1 snag height
h2 snag height
h3 snag height
h4 snag height
Sub._sample No keywords
Fungi fungi
Termites insect
Person_recording No keywords
resprout No keywords
mulitstem multistems
burned burning
lost_50 decomposition
free_branch coarse woody debris
fallen_down No keywords
Plot plot
Date date
ID_Code No keywords
Site Site A, Site B
Class No keywords
dens_cone wood density
dens_cycl No keywords

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