BEFmod: Collection of available data for synthesis

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This data is Private.

Dataset Abstract

This is a collection of all data gathered by all participating projects of the BEFmod Experiment.
This document does not provide any data but aims at giving an overview on which type of data is available from all participating subprojects of the BEFmod Experiment throughout the last years.
In addition to the overview of data, you will find a list of names of researchers invovled in the respective subproject. You can adress these people (preferrably the PIs) if you are interested in the specific data. Some of the datasets have already been made available on the Dataportal and there will be references to the respective dataset number (

SP1: Basal Area and total height all treatments
- 2014 & 2015: available
- 2016: to come
Please contact:
-Yuanyuan Huang (data owner);
- PIs: Porf. Bernhard Schmid, Prof. Pascal Niklaus

SP2: Crown morphology all treatments
- 2014: Site A dataset 508; Site B dataset 512
- 2015: Site A dataset 514; Site B dataset 516
Please contact:
- Ying Li (data owner)
- PIs: Prof. Goddert von Oheimb, Prof. Werner Härdtle

SP8: Herbivory data (all except the no weeding treatments)
- 2014: available
- 2015: available
Please contact:
- PI: Dr. Andreas Schuldt

SP9: Trophobiosis data (all treatments)
- 2014: available
- 2015: available
Potentially available: nontrophobisis data on arthropod leaf-suckers
Please contact:
- Dr. Michael Staab, Felix Fornoff (data owners)
- PIs: Prof. Alexandra-Maria Klein, Prof. Nico Blüthgen

SP11: Herb layer compsition (control, phosphorous, non-weeding treatments)
- 2014: available (dataset 497)
Herb layer cover (control, phosphorous, non-weeding treatments)
- 2014: available (dataset 495)
Please contact:
- Markus Germany (data owner)
- PI: Prof. Alexandra Erfmeier

SP13: Microbial information on soil samples (phosphorous and control treatment)
- Microbial composition: available
- Enzyme activities: potentially available
Please contact:
- Zhiquin Pei (data owner)
- PIs: Prof. Jessica Gutknecht, Prof. François Buscot

SP14: Leaf pathogen data (all treatments except no-weeding plots)
- 2014: available
- 2015: available
Please contact:
- PI: Dr. Lydia Hönig (data owner)