Info and Data for Paper Proposal: Z2 CSP Synthesis

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Dataset Abstract

This is an addition to the Paperproposal 204 ( by D. Eichenberg, A. C. Lang and C. Wirth.

Here I provide (in the Excel freeformat sheet attached belwo) the details on which Data will be used in what way. I give details on the data used to
a) descibe the environmental, successional and diverstiy context of the CSPs (workbook "Contexts")
b) which traits will be used to in the diverstiy context (wood and leaf traits), why they have been selected and to which of the proximate processes defined in c) they related; i.e. why I expect them to be important inthe diverstiy context( workbook "Traits_Funct_Process")
c) describe the ecosystem functions analyzed in the paper, how they should be grouped to more proximate processes (workbook "Func and rel Processes")

Moreover, I give the related datasets that are important for the respective information, so you can check which datasets (requesed in the proposal) will be used in which way and for what.

For all involved as well as interested members of BEF-China: Please have a close look and feel free to contact me for details or ideas with respect to the intended analyses.

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