Main Experiment: Soil nitrate content (Site A, Ext. A, B and E plots)

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Dataset Abstract

Soil sampling was carried out on a subset of 100 plots of two overlapping extinction scenarios on Site A (Extinction scenario A and B). The samples were collected from young forest communities composed of 1 - 24 species (see general plot information concerning community compositions of the BEF-China experiment:; Species nomenclature following the Flora of China). The species composition covers two overlapping species pools and also includes two commercially relevant tree species monocultures (Extinction scenario E, Pinus massoniana and Cunninghamia lanceolata). Moreover, we also sampled plots without trees.
Sampling was carried out in July 2015.

Dataset Design

Within the plots, we collected soil samples from 12 random positions which followed a frame around the central 8 x 8 trees of every plot. Soil cores with a diameter of 13 mm were taken from the first ten centimeters of the top layer. These subsamples were pooled plotwise, freshly sieved in 2 mm fraction, homogenized and stored in the fridge for analyses.

Spatial Extent

Plots of Exctinction scenario A and B ( 100 plots were sampled, including non-tree community plots and monocultures of Pinus massoniana and Cunninghammi lanceolata (Extinction Scenario E).

Temporal Extent

Sampling was carried out throughout July 2015.

Taxonomic Extent

No tree species were included in the analyses. However, soil cores were taken from communities comprising the following species (and their mixtures according to (
Nyssa sinensis
Castanea henryi
Quercus fabri
Lithocarpus glaber
Quercus serrata
Koelreuteria bipinnata
Choerospondias axillaris
Castanopsis sclerophylla
Triadica sebifera
Liquidambar formosana
Sapindus saponaria
Schima superba
Castanopsis eyrei
Cyclobalanopsis myrsinifolia
Rhus chinensis
Cyclobalanopsis glauca
Castanopsis carlesii
Melia azedarach
Triadica cochinchinensis
Diospyros japonica
Acer davidii
Cinnamomum camphora
Daphniphyllum oldhamii
Quercus acutissima
Pinus massoniana
Cunninghamia lanceolata

Measurement Circumstances

hot and wet

Data Analysis

Samples were oven dried, extracted with 1M KCl, shaken for 1 hour and vacuum filtered. Extracts were measured at 540 nm with a microplate reader.

Data columns available in the raw data part of this dataset

plot samples were taken
Data group: Plot name (letter, number code)
site samples were taken
Data group: Experimental Site
Soil Nitrate concentration
Unit: mg/kg soil
Data group: Nitrate