General: Sub- and Centralprojects; overview with pictures and maps

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Dataset Abstract

The presentation gives an overview of the entire BEF China Project. It was developed with three main intentions: (1) To give some impressions and first data to new project participants especially for working on the data portal and (2) for representing the project to an external audience. Additionally it should be also seen as an (3) information source for current participants to get general project information in an easy way. For achieving these the presentation file includes colourful images and easily understandable graphics as well as in-depth data on central and subproject design on the experimental and comparative study sites. It is structured in 3 main parts: (1) Presentation of each central project (Z1, Z2) and each subproject (sp1-11) in a general as well as in a more detailed manner including a graphic showing all current personal investigators (PIs) and co-PIs, (2) the own contribution of current and prospective data portal contributors and (3) possibilities for external further information on BEF China. It is saved as pptx-file.

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