15N aboveground biomass abundace abundance acidity acorn weevil actinomycetes additional trees additive partitioning aeromorphic organic layer age air pressure air temperature Al Alife or dead alive allelic richness allometries aluminium AMF amino acids ammonification ammonium ancestry Angiosperm or Gymnosperm ant arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi arthropods aspect axonomy bacteria bacterial biomass barcode reader bark thickness basal area basal diameter baseline monitoring base saturation BEF China PIs BEF China Projects BEF conference 2011 BEFData BEFmod BEF summerschool 2011 BEF summerschool 2012 belowground biomass bifurcation point biodiversity Biological soil crusts biomass biomass allocation biotic factor block body length branch branch architecture branch water potential browser bud bulk density burning C Ca cadmium calcium canopy canopy cover canopy stratum carbon cation exchange capacity census chemical defense chemical leaf composition chewer Chilopoda chinese chlorophyll chrome circumference clay climate climate change climatic niche climber C/N ratio coarse roots coarse woody debris cobalt coefficient of variation coexistence comment community similarity community weighted mean trait competition competitive neighbourhood Composition control treatment copper Core Area co-variable cover crown crown architecture crown base height crown. Crown architecture crown diameter crown Dimension crown height crown length crown morphology crown overlap crown projection area crown volume CSP CSP metal tag number CSP subplots curvature cuttings d15N damage Datamanagement data management data portal date day dbh dead dead wood debris decay Decay class decay stages Decomposcape decomposition density deposition design variable dgh diameter Diameter at breast height Diameter at the base Diameter at the top digital data acquisition Diplopoda disc dispersal distance disturbance diversity Diversity level diversity treatment dominance drought resistance dry deposition dry weight Dujiangyan duration eastness eco-physiologic traits Ecoscape ecosystem function ecosystem functioning ectomycorrhiza EFN elevation enemy environmental variable enzyme activity erosion ESP eveness exotic species experimental design Experimental Plot Experimental Site experimental treatment explanatory exposition exposure time extinction treatment extra floral nectary extreme event family fatty acid Fe feeding guild feeding guilt ferns fern species ferns performance fertilizer fieldmaps fine root fine wood decomposition flight interception flowers folivore foraging preference Forest Formicidae fresh weight Fructose fruits functional biodiversity functional eveness functional group functional trait functional traits fungal biomass fungal taxonomy fungal to bacterial ratio fungi gall gene general fungi genetic autocorrelation genetic diversity genetic plot genotypic diversity level genus geology geomorphology GfÖ 2010 GIS glucose GNNR GPS grain size Gram-negative bacteria Gram-positive bacteria grass grasses grass performance grass species growth growth rings GUI Gutianshan H haplotype harvest heartwood Hedley fractions height Height (standing) or lenght (downed) Hemiptera herb herbivore herbivory herb layer herbs herbs performance host HPLC human influence humidity humus hunting type hydrogen hydrolytic enzyme Hymenoptera ice storm Identification inbreeding inclination individual individual based values individual position Infiltration insect intraspecific diversity invasibility Inventory IPNI iron isolation isotope isotope ratio janzen connell K kalium kinetic energy lab label labelled labelled species laboratories LAI land use history Laser Scanning late wood latitude LDMC lead leaf leaf age leaf anatomy leaf area leaf damage leaf decomposition rate leaf demography leaf habit leaf litter leaf litter. Litter leaf longevity leaf margin leaf miner leaf physical resistance leaf pinnation leaf roller leaf size leaf status Leaf tensile strength leaf tier leaf toughness leaf trait length Li light litter litterbag litter biomass litter decomposition litter diversity litterfall production litter mixture litter nutrient concentration litter thickness litter traps living LMA LMR local neighbourhood location longitude lsID macrofauna magnesium main Main Experiment manganese maps massloss match mescososm id mesh size mesocosm mesocosom position mesofauna Metal tag number main experiment Mg microbial biomass microbial biomass C microbial biomass nitrogen microbial community microclimate microrelief migration mineralisation ML Mn morphospecies mortality multistems N Na native species natrium neighbourhood neighbourhood richness NH3 nickel NILEx NILEx plots NILEx timesteps nitrate nitrification nitrogen nitrogen cycling NO2 northness NPP N retention nusery nutrients object OLS order Organism count OTU oxidative enzyme parasite parasite host parasitism parasitoid parent tree PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) pathogens pesticide pH phenology phosphoro Phosphorous phosphorus Phosphorus fractionation phylogenetic distinctness phylogenetic diversity Phylogeny phytometer phytophagous insects Pilot experiment PI meeting pitfall traps plant family plant functional trait plant organ plant position plant species PLFA plot plot id pollinator polyphenols position precipitation predictor variables present presentation productivity PTAG quantitative traits raindrop rainfall simulator random extinction Rao's Q rarefied diversity rarity ratio dry/fresh weight red mould reference plant Relative humidity relief remaining litter mass removal experiment representative sequence reproductive organs research proposals resident phytometers respiration response response variable ring width rock root root density rooting depth root intensity Rotfaeule R scripts run off runoff plots S saccharide sample identity sample position sample size sample volume sand sapling saplings saprophytes Scientific plant species name search season secondary compounds Sediment discharge seed addition seed family seedling seedling addition seedling performance Set-up shade shading shannon diversity shoot shrub shrub individual shrub layer shrub position shrub species silt silver tag simpson diversity SIR Site Site A Site B size skeletonizer Sketch SLA slope slope aspect slope aspect; eastness slope aspect; northness slope form slope inclination snag height SOC social status soil soil base soil colour Soil contact soil depth soil erosion soil fauna soil horizon soil lipids soil moisture soil organic matter Soil P soil profile soil respiration soil respiration and its components soil structure soil temperature solar radiation SON spatial coordinates spatial genetic structure specialization species species abbreviation species author species code species community species diversity species identity species interactions species name species pool species richness species trait spiders splashcup standard deviation statistics stem stem break stem core Stem diameter stem morphology stippler stomata Stomatal conductance stratum strontium subplot succession successional age succrose sugar sulfur surface cover Surface runoff survival suucessional stage 3 synonym Synthesis tags talk tannin taxon taxonomic authority Taxonomic family of species Taxonomic genus of species taxonomy temperature termites thesis time time point timestep timestep.duration topography total height TracerNILEx Tracer Nilex trait dissimilarity transplant experiment trap trap identifier TraxerNILEx treatment tree tree age tree demography Tree genotype tree genotypes and tree genotypic diversity levels tree height tree identifier Tree identity tree individual tree layer tree performance tree position tree position tag tree rings trees tree species tree species diversity tree-tag Tree Triangle trophic interactions TSP twig uid uncertainity estimate Unlabelled Nilex vapour pressure deficit variable vegetation cover vegetation stratum vegetation survey VIP plots volume water content weather weed biomass weevils Weibull distribution wind direction wind speed Winkler extraction wood wood bending wood cells wood compression wood decomposition wood decomposition rate wood density wood fibres wood ground tissue Wood-inhabiting fungi wood mechanics wood parenchym wood perforation plates wood porosity wood rays wood-rot fungi woods wood shearing wood shrinkage woods performance wood stretching wood toughness wood traits wood vessels woody debris woody recruits woody species xylem traits year Z2 zinc