Woody plant phylogenetic diversity mediates bottom-up control of arthropod biomass in a species-rich forest

Created at: 2013-12-12

Envisaged journal: Schuldt, A., Baruffol, M., Bruelheide, H., Chen, S., Chi, X., Wall, M., & Assmann, T. (2014). Woody plant phylogenetic diversity mediates bottom–up control of arthropod biomass in species-rich forests. Oecologia, 176(1), 171-182.

Envisaged date: 2014-07-12


Effects of global change are predicted to cause non-random species loss in plant communities, with important consequences for ecosystem functioning. However, little is known about how plant diversity and the loss of this diversity influence the structure of higher trophic levels―which are crucial to the functioning particularly of many species-rich ecosystems―beyond the simple effects of plant species richness. We analyze to what extent the phylogenetic diversity and species richness of woody plants contribute to explaining the biomass and abundance of herbivorous and predatory arthropods in a highly diverse forest in subtropical China.

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Andreas Schuldt Thorsten Assmann Martin Baruffol Helge Bruelheide, Prof. Xiulian Chi Walter Durka Stefan Michalski Karin Nadrowski Bernhard Schmid, Prof. Martin Böhnke

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