Community assembly of ectomycorrhizal fungi along a subtropical secondary forest succession

Created at: 2012-02-23

Initial title: Diversity and composition of plant root associated fungi -ectomycorrhizal fungi (EMF) and EMF mushrooms in all 27 CSPs in Gutianshan

Envisaged journal: New Phytologist

Envisaged date: 2014-02-23


 Environmental selection and dispersal limitation are two of the primary processes structuring biotic communities in ecosystems, but little is known about these processes in shaping the soil microbial community during secondary forest succession.
 We examined the community of ectomycorrhizal (EM) fungi in young, intermediate and old forests in a Chinese subtropical ecosystem, using 454 pyrosequencing.
 The EM fungal community consisted of 393 operational taxonomic units (OTUs), belonging to 21 EM fungal lineages, in which three EM fungal lineages and 11 EM fungal OTUs showed significantly biased occurrence among the young, intermediate and old forests. The EM fungal community was structured by environmental selection and dispersal limitation in old forest, but only by environmental selection in young, intermediate, and whole forests. Furthermore, the EM fungal community was affected by different factors in the different forest successional stages, and the importance of these factors in structuring EM fungal community dramatically decreased along the secondary forest succession series.
 This study suggests that different assembly mechanisms operate on the EM fungal community at different stages in secondary subtropical forest succession.

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Cheng Gao Liang-Dong Guo Martin Baruffol Sabine Both Helge Bruelheide, Prof. Alexandra Erfmeier Karin Nadrowski Michael Scherer-Lorenzen, Prof. Bernhard Schmid, Prof. Stefan Trogisch Martin Böhnke David Eichenberg, Dr. Christian Geißler Peter Kühn Katherina Pietsch Thomas Scholten Christian Wirth Goddert von Oheimb Teng Fang Sabine Flaiz

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