Tree morphology responds to neighbourhood competition and slope in species-rich forests in subtropical China, doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2010.08.015

Created at: 2010-04-13

Initial title: Growth responses of tree individuals to neighbourhood competition in a species rich slope forest of subtropical China

Envisaged journal: Forest Ecology and Management

Envisaged date: 2010-08-11


A) Species-specific differences in growth responses of crown and stem. Data of projected crown area, crown displacement and stem inclination are compared.
B) The morphological response of crown and stem is influenced by biotic and abiotic paramteres.
Tree individual parameters: projected crown area, relative crown displacement, stem inclination
Local biotic parameters: species richness, functional group richness, competition, mean upper canopy height
Local abiotic parameters: local slope aspect and inclination, soil depth

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Anne Lang Helge Bruelheide, Prof. Christian Geißler Werner Härdtle, Prof. Karin Nadrowski Andreas Schuldt Mingjian Yu Goddert von Oheimb Martin Böhnke

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