Z2c Data sharing and cooperation in the joint Chinese- German-Swiss research project BEF-China (FOR891_z2c data)

Data management is critical for effective data collection, storage, processing and application. During the initial stage of BEF project, we mostly focused on data collection, quality assurance, security and data maintenance. For the 2nd phase (2011-2014), Subproject Z2, together with our German collaborators, aims at fully and effectively managing data as a valuable resource for all participants. During the following four years we will focus on (1) Coordination of the database design and maintenance in collaboration with the German counterpart; (2) Introducing a data portal (provide database-relevant know-how) and facilitating data sharing between European and Chinese partners within the BEF-China project; (3) Providing statistical training specifically with the design of the CSPs in Gutianshan, the Main and the Pilot experiment to promote the collaboration between European and Chinese partners; (4) Contribute to programming handheld barcode scanners with Chinese language; (5) Construct the plant traits database for selected tree and shrub species relevant to BEF China; (6) Assist the creation of the phylogenetic tree using bar-coding for all species in the CSPs, the Main and the Pilot experiment; (7) Compare experimental (BEF-China) and observatory (Gutianshan 24ha FDP) patterns to explore the potential mechanisms in community assembly.