SP05e Effects of environmental conditions and biodiversity on litter decomposition and nutrient cycling in subtropical forests in China (FOR891_sp05e nitrogen)

In the first phase of BEF-China, Subproject 5 has quantified key pools and fluxes of the nitrogen cycle and in close cooperation with the Chinese counterparts also those of the carbon cycle. These measurements were done in the Comparative Study Plots of the Nature Reserve in Gutianshan. In addition, subproject 5 has worked in the Pilot Experiment on belowground spatio-temporal-chemical resource complementarity of nitrogen. In the second phase of the Research Unit, subproject 5 will focus on litter decomposition as a key process in nutrient cycling. Several lines of experimentation will yield insights on controlling factors of litter decomposition, including abiotic and biotic components of the ecosystem. Adopting the “ecoscapes” approach, we will quantify the effects of topography and micro-relief on decomposition dynamics. Subproject 5 will take the lead to establish NILEx, the New Integrated Litter decomposition Experiment that combines the quantification of diversity effects on decomposition processes, nutrient uptake and microbial use, and soil erosion.


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