Z2e Integrated data management and synthesis (FOR891_z2e data)

The general topic of “Central Project 2 Europe Z2e” is the integrated data management and synthesis. A web-based project database hosting and documenting many datasets generated during the first phase as well as hands-on courses in data handling and analysis for German and Chinese PhD students have facilitated an efficient data exchange and analysis. The Z2e-Project further develops the BEF China web application, controls data standards and contributes to data analysis within and across subprojects. This is especially indispensable because data sharing and re-use will be confronted with an increasing amount of data and the turnover of PhD students involving the loss of personal knowledge. To maintain transparency and accessibility of the data we plan to implement semantic tools (OWL, Topic maps) facilitating data retrieval for new users both in Germany and China. In the light of increasing data quantities data mining technologies for semi-automated data control will be employed. In addition to the continued service of offering statistics courses and individual consultation it is a central goal to promote early synthesis activities. This will be aided by introducing novel statistical tools (e.g. hierarchical Bayesian modeling) capable of fusing heterogeneous ecological data streams in order to test hypotheses on biodiversity-ecosystemfunctioning relationships.


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