SP06e Mechanisms of soil erosion as a function of species richness and species composition in subtropical forests (FOR891_sp06e soil)

During the first phase of BEF China (2008-2010), we have concentrated our research on the modification of the kinetic energy of precipitation by its pass through the tree canopy. All measurements were conducted in the CSPs under natural rainfall conditions because the Main Experiment was only being planted and tree communities had not established yet. Verification and quantification of the effect of biodiversity on soil erosion was done using a combined approach of newly designed splash cups developed within the project and laser precipitation monitors (LPM) which has been rented for calibration of the splash cups. Runoff measurements in the CSPs and on the experimental site could not be undertaken, since only one PhD student was funded during the first stage of BEF China. However, new runoff plots were developed according to the specification of our first proposal. Initial runoff measurements have been carried out in the Main Experiment to test a prototype of a runoff plot and adjusted it to the needs of BEF China. The results will serve as reference for the activities during phase II. Within the baseline studies, geomorphological mapping, soil mapping, soil sampling and soil analyses were conducted. The data sets available at time of proposal writing on soil properties, pedogenesis, and geomorphology as well as first indicators for historical site management cover all CSPs and parts of block A of the Main Experiment. Further, two climate station were assembled and adjusted at Gutianshan National Nature Reserve (GNNR) and experimental site A as well as a topographical survey.


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